An Article a Day: 18 August 2017

by Maha Rafi Atal

This week, we consider how Trump's trade policies harm his core supporters most, why the UK is heading for 'hard' Brexit, and the sources of political scandal in Venezuela and South Africa.

The Politics of Private Landlordism

by Brian Lund

The UK's burgeoning legion of private renters has started to show its discontent in the ballot box, with implications for future general elections. Brian Lund analyses political shifts in the private rental sectors and what they mean for the future of British politics. 

The Siren Song of Austerity and the Erosion of the Centre

by Benjamin Studebaker

Ten years on from the beginning of the financial crisis, voters in Britain and around the world seem to be wearying of austerity, yet western governments remain committed to deficit reduction. POLIS PhD student Benjamin Studebaker explores why the idea of a balanced budget is so powerful and argues that spending cuts have contributed to the collapse of confidence in the 'centrist' political establishment.

Kenyan elections: last chance for veteran challenger Odinga

by Njoki Wamai

Kenya's election is too close to call, as veteran Kenyan politician Raila Odinga challenges incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta. The outcome will depend on Odinga's ability to mobilise younger and urban voters and to break the ethnic logic that has dominated Kenyan politics since independence.

An Article a Day: 1 August 2017

by Maha Rafi Atal

This week, we get to know Sadiq Khan, take a deep dive into Facebook's attempts to combat fake news, and consider the danger of nuclear disaster posed by a US Administration that prefers not to know how government works.

Brazil’s anti-corruption efforts reflect the rise of the middle class

by Felipe Krause

A mammoth corruption scandal is roiling Brazilian politics. As prosecutors seek to recover £9 billion of embezzled funds from the oil giant Petrobras, and as senior politicians on both left and right are implicated in the 'Car Wash' scam, Felipe Krause reflects on the social transformation that is pushing Brazilians to demand cleaner governance.

A Post-GDP World?

by Matthew Fright

In the wake of the financial crisis, economists are beginning to search for ways to measure value that capture social welfare in ways that the current economic standard of GDP can't. Matthew Fright reviews the options.

An Article a Day: 10 July 2017

by Maha Rafi Atal

Our roundup is back after a brief hiatus. This week: the censorship rules Facebook uses to police political speech, how climate denial sowed the seeds of post-truth politics, and making sense of Brexit.

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