Fighting corruption for profit

by Jason Sharman

A procession of corruption scandals making the headlines around the world may be a good thing: they signal the public is less and less inclined to tolerate high-level graft. Yet despite the introduction of tough new legislation, the vast majority of corrupt officials, many of them in high office, get away with their crimes. Distasteful as it may sound to some, outsourcing the fight against corruption to private agencies may prove the most effective solution.

Confronting Precarious Work

by Arne L Kalleberg

The dynamic upheavals associated with globalization, technological developments in communication and information technology, and cultural disruptions have made it increasingly difficult for people to obtain meaningful work and establish a sense of stability in their lives. A key challenge for the year 2017 and beyond is to address the risks associated with precarious work and thereby provide the job and economic security that would enable the construction of orderly career narratives.

The Nature of Labour Today

by Hettie O’Brien

Introducing a special series on the future of work: what do zero-hours contracts and the rise of companies like Uber and Deliveroo mean for the economy and politics?