‘English Votes for English Laws’ won’t worry the new government - but the West Lothian question may well do

by Daniel Gover and Michael Kenny

Following the election result some pundits have suggested that English votes for English laws might be an obstacle to the government, given its reliance on support from non-English MPs, whilst others have suggested the procedures might provide the government with an enhanced English majority. In this post Daniel Gover and Michael Kenny explain that neither of these possibilities is likely to occur. However, the territorial balance of the new Commons could cause the West Lothian question to come back to the fore – though not solely in relation to England.

The revenge of the crocodile: Northern Ireland’s election brings new uncertainty

by Barry Colfer

Northern Ireland’s latest election on 2 March provoked soul-searching among unionists as Sinn Féin pulled within one seat of becoming the largest party. As the Stormont parties struggle to put together a new executive, the province’s future is more than an inconvenience to be resolved in the context of the Article 50 negotiations. The current instability may yet give rise to another full-blown constitutional crisis before power-sharing turns twenty.