An Article a Day: 12 June 2017

by Maha Rafi Atal

Reactions to the election and predictions for the way forward, as well as a long look at Russian politics, a profile of Chelsea Manning, and a sobering assessment of the gadgets that govern our lives. 

War to peace to war to truce: what next for Mozambique?

by Justin Pearce

A truce in Mozambique has halted, but not resolved, an insurgency that defies an international discourse on Mozambique as a poster-child for liberal post-war recovery. With hindsight, the accord that ended the 1976-92 civil war appears to have set the country up for a return to violence 20 years later. Democracy and global trade consolidated Frelimo’s dominance in politics, while Renamo opposition leader Afonso’s Dhlakama’s best chance to assert himself was by remobilising the armed men who remained within his fiefdom. Although this is not a popular uprising, it was made possible by Renamo tapping into present and historic grievance against the state.